i feel so bad omfg ive forgotten to log on here for a millenia /_\

*pulls out a boombox* ur gr8 *blasts shitty quality 80s music* keep being gr8 *the cops are called* never stop bein gr8 *im in jail*


Hey I know a while has passed since my ask about setting up a donation button, but I think it's definitely something you should look into? A lot of people just like to support thier favorite artists by offering donations-you don't have to necessarily offer incentives for donation or anything or even ask for anything you could just set it up and see who donates, in example i know crashboombanger has something set up for donations but he doesn't offer incentives. It's something worth trying out?

oh true!! omg i still feel like i should offer something back tho…i suppose since i already take requests it would be okay….hmmm @_@

i ship your humanformers skywarp and thundercracker and i am no longer embarrassed to admit it

IT’S ALRIGHT I CAN DIG IT……….tbh it gets pretty, uh, weird for me with humanformers but,…. i can dig it. yea…one of the few i like…

sorry for being stupid but what would skywarp's outfit and the colors of it look like because this is totally not for a cosplay aha..hahaa...[sweats] thanks in advance if you answer this you're real rad a++ B) (also you don't have to publish this if you don't want to aaah)

OH GOSH OK i havent checked this blog in forever so i am SOOO sorry for the late reply omfg but AHH…….COSPLAY OH MY GOSH>…………HERES A REF

honestly im SUPER lenient with their outfits but either of these work!!! GOSHHH if its not too late or if y ou ever finish id LOVE to see tho…….hmu………..

I just wanted to let you know that you're a precious bby and never stop doing your thing!~ <3 (/) w (\) I just love your art! <3

aaa waahhhhh THANK YOUUUU!!!!!! GOLLYYYY……….<33333

pretty boy swag

pretty boy swag


hakbot said: 

tracks and raoul or powerglide and astoria (or anything stunticons because I am a GAAAAY)


im so sorry hak. im


senatorchugway said: 

Seeker siblings on Black Friday.

theyre probably banned from like every store in detroit



trekual-innuendos said:

Starscream swooning over a beefy Jojo character in the most uncomfortable of manners